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Time-lapse movie, Indiana State Fair 2010


From the bedroom, my husband yelled, “You’ve got to see this! It’s the State Fair!” I rushed into the room to see one of my favorite spots at the Indiana State Fair featured full-screen on CNN:

Wow! I can’t count how many hours over the last four years I’ve hung out by that carousel with my camera. This is the carousel inspired my State Fair series. I have the horses memorized and notice when they’re in a different order from year to year. It’s possible I’m standing there somewhere in that crowd, seeing paintings in my mind and trying to capture them with the camera. See how a section of lights on the upper facade of the carousel is not working? It drove me nuts trying to shoot around that.

Kudos to Youtube user dond693, who shot this movie over a period of almost two hours, making an exposure with his Nikon still camera every 12 seconds.

Carousel at the Indiana State Fair. Photograph by Lesley Spanos.

Carousel at the Indiana State Fair, 2010. Photograph by Lesley Spanos.

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