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About the State Fair, USA Series

"There's Always One," digital photo of a chick by Lesley Spanos.

"There's Always One," digital photo of an insomniac chick by Lesely Spanos. Copyright ©2010 Lesley Spanos, all rights reserved.

State Fair, USA is artist Lesley Spanos’ tribute to the American agricultural fair. In an intensive painting marathon lasting through September, she’ll be adding almost daily to her portfolio of fair-inspired paintings.

Says Spanos, “With the green movement, it seems we’re all growing veges, and agricultural fairs have gone from old-fashioned to relevant, even kind of cool. I know I’m a lot more interested in someone’s prize tomatoes when I’ve struggled with my own tomatoes all summer. Today’s State Fair is about conservation, alternative energy, healthy living, and growing things, not to mention great concerts, rides, shopping, and some really bizarre fried foods. Deep-fried Twinkies, anyone?”

The series is the culmination of years of research. Spanos has photographed and sketched her local fair – the Indiana State Fair – extensively for the past four summers, amassing a large collection of reference material for working in-studio. Ultimately the collection is destined for a book and fine art reproductions. Select originals will be available for purchase after digital files are processed for reproduction.

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